Representative Cases: Arrest Record Sealing

We recently had an arrest record sealing take place here in southern California. It was one of the first petitions in that area for arrest record relief under the new statute, according to the DA who was assigned the case. The DA admitted that under the new statutory relief, there hadn’t been a lot of petitions from individuals requesting relief to seal their record of arrest. The DA also stated not a lot of other DA’s and judges were well acquainted with the new statutory relief. Our client needed this relief granted to show a state licensing authority that he sought all remedies available to him in order to be considered for admission for that particular state licensing authority.

We advocated diligently for our client and had many conversations with the DA about the reason why this relief was needed for our client. After several discussions with the DA, we politely reminded them that the law was on our side. Individuals can seek this relief as a matter of right, essentially meaning that it’s certain that the motion gets granted, absent some unforeseen circumstances not known to our law firm that the client hadn’t shared with us. The DA was perceptive to our argument and the judge mutually agreed as well. We were able to get our client’s arrest record sealed and our client was able to gain clearance from the state licensing authority, allowing them to move forward with their application and continue to pursue their career endeavors.