Real Estate Transactions

Here at Law Office of James M. Blucker, we are well-equipped to handle various areas relating to your real estate transaction needs. Buying and selling real estate are big decisions. A mistake or oversight in a real estate transaction can expose you to significant risk, putting your business or personal financial goals in serious jeopardy. As a purchaser, you want to know your property is solid, free of defects and that the closing will go forward without complications. As a seller, you want to avoid accountability for issues you had no knowledge of or are not responsible for. We’re here to help guide you in the right direction for any of your real-estate business needs.

  • Listed below is a range of the real estate transaction services we provide.
  • Formation of Business Entities (LLC and Corporations)
  • Sponsorship Investing/Shareholder Agreements (LLC and Corporations)
  • General Partnerships/Disputes
  • Limited Partnerships/Disputes
  • Real Estate Purchase Agreements for Acquisition of Commercial Real Estate
  • Negotiation of Purchasing/Consulting Agreements
  • Business Dissolution (LLC and Corporations)
  • Real Estate Leasing Contract Drafting (Commercial and Residential)
  • Real Estate Easement Agreements and Review C.C.&R’s
  • Modification of Real Estate Agreements

Should you have any further questions involving real estate issues, please do not hesitate to call us. We are here to help you.

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