Quiet Title

Our law firm has experience assisting homeowners with lawsuits pertaining to quiet title of real property. This legal action is “brought to remove a cloud on the title” so that the plaintiff and those in privity with them may forever be free of claims against the property. Quiet title consists of complaint filed in court to state that the ownership/title of a parcel of land or other real property is defective in some way.

Typically, the most common scenario is where title to the property is ambiguous for some reason. Examples include: property that has been conveyed by a quitclaim deed through which the previous owner disclaims all interests, but does not promise that good title is conveyed; fraudulent conveyance consisting of real estate deed fraud where title has changed hands multiple times without the actual owner’s knowledge; adverse possession where the new possessor sues to obtain title in their own name.
The lawsuit must be presented in the superior court of the specified county where the property in question is located. Once the action is brought before the court, the court now has the complete power to judge and determine the resolution to the title issue.

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