Post-Conviction Relief

The sealing of your arrest record is possible. Have you been arrested, but no charges were filed by the District Attorney? Have you been arrested, charges were filed by the District Attorney, but were dismissed? Have you completed a diversion program that had your criminal charges dismissed? Have you been convicted of a crime and wanted to know what your options for expunging your criminal record? Do you have questions about the information on your “rap sheet” and want to know if there are ways to amend that information?

You may be entitled to relief from the criminal justice system to seal or expunge your criminal record. Our law firm understands the intricacies that involve your situation. You may be suffering the long-lasting effects of a criminal offense that you paid for, and you need assistance seeking out your remedies to regain control of your life, freedom, and reputation within the community.

Too many individuals suffer ongoing consequences after a conviction and aren’t fully aware that they could be entitled to relief to help put the past behind them. That is why we offer knowledgeable and diligent representation in the area of post-conviction relief relating to arrest record sealing and expungement of one’s criminal record.

We invite you to explore our sub-tabs on arrest record sealing and expungement for further information about the post-conviction relief process.

Should you have any further questions involving post-conviction relief, please do not hesitate to call us. We are here to help you.

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